country music
palmyra, wisconsin

Dan Lepien Saloon.jpg
Check out the Lyric Video for my new single,
"For You I Can" (July 10th, 2022)
Watch the Promo Video of
"Right Where I'm Meant To Be" (Dec 7th, 2021)
Check out the Acoustic Video for
"Better Buzzed" (Oct 20th, 2022)
'A Country Mile' OUT NOW.
(Aug 6th, 2021)



Dan Lepien's musical inspiration is nestled between the 1970's Outlaw Country movement and the early 90's neo-traditional country wave. A native of Sauk City, Wisconsin, Dan has spent the last 4 years performing in the Midwest and Nashville as well as recording in Nashville with a multi-Grammy award winning team of producers and studio musicians, putting out his own brand of PURE, SOLID, country music. Dan has developed a loyal following with his highly interactive live shows and timeless country sound.




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