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The Man For You (Official Video)
Single in Nashville (Live Video)
God Bless Kwik Trip (Lyric Video)

Short Bio:
Hailing from Sauk City, Wisconsin, Dan Lepien is a rising star in the world of country music. He has cultivated a genuine passion for spreading traditional country music through his songwriting and his live shows. Dan's distinctive voice and authentic approach to the genre have quickly garnered a loyal following and in his first 5 years into his country music career he has shared the stage with some of his heroes (Clint Black, Shenandoah) and recorded original music in Nashville with some of the same session players that played on many of the songs that shaped him as an artist. With a crisp vocal tone, heartfelt lyrics, and a touch of Wisconsin charm, he is destined to be a star in county music.


Dan Lepien, a rising star in traditional country music, hails from the heartland of Wisconsin, where the rolling farmlands and picturesque woods and lakes deeply influenced his musical journey. Born into a family of outdoorsman, he developed a strong connection to his rural roots, which echoes through his authenticity and soulful sound.

Dan’s musical prowess began to take shape during his early years when he learned to play the guitar at age 11. After honing his craft in local venues and gaining a devoted following, Dan’s talent caught the attention of several Nashville producers. In pursuit of his dream, he began recording his original songs in Music City, working with some of the same studio musicians and producers who were responsible for creating several of his favorite albums. Drawing inspiration from his Wisconsin upbringing, he brings a refreshing and authentic touch to the modern country landscape.

In August of 2021 Lepien released his debut EP, "A Country Mile," which was a poignant collection of songs that showcased his craft as a storyteller. Piet Levy of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had this to say about Lepien’s debut release: “A lot more heart, character, and twang than most music coming out of Music Row these days.” His singles, "This Cowboy’s Comin’ Home", "Get It Done", and “Right Where I’m Meant To Be” soon became anthems for those seeking that timeless country sound and were added to rotation on dozens of radio stations across the Midwest.

Dan is set to release his new EP, “The Man For You” on September 15th, 2023. Among the tracks featured, his crowd favorite, "God Bless Kwik Trip," has already become a viral sensation, capturing the hearts of Midwest country music enthusiasts with its playful ode to the beloved convenience store chain that holds a special place in the hearts of many.

But that's not all – "The Man For You EP" takes listeners on an emotional journey with the heartstirring ballad, "For You I Can," where Lepien’s emotive vocals beautifully convey the complexities of love and sacrifice.

On the other end of the spectrum, the EP delivers an energetic and lively vibe with the party anthem, "Single in Nashville." This toe-tapping, feel-good tune pays homage to the vibrant atmosphere of Music City but also serves as a cautionary tale, depicting the consequences of a young man's impulsive and unthoughtful decisions during a night out in Nashville.


Despite growing success and a busy touring schedule, Lepien remains deeply connected to his community. He actively supports local music and venues, continues to spread the word on traditional country music, and even goes fishing with his fans. His warmth and humility have won the hearts of fans across the Midwest and beyond. With his crisp vocal tone, heartfelt lyrics, and a touch of Wisconsin’s charm, he is destined to be a star in country music.




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