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Shepherd Express on "For You I Can" Single. July 2022.

"On his way to issuing, or so one hopes, a full album, Milwaukee country singer Dan Lepien drops another single to demonstrate his increasing artistic maturity and readiness for a national spotlight. With a rich, yet understated, fiddle backdrop and Lepien’s fulsome vocal twang, “For You I Can” offers the kind of plainspoken virtues and verities that once made downtempo singles from cowboy-hatted heroes such as Alan Jackson and Clay Walker such highlights between boot-scootin’ party-starters on ‘90s radio. And though many folks may be nostalgic for country from the Clinton administration era nowadays, this track and the past few years of Lepien's recording career prove he’s not so much about sounding retro as simply classic in his approach. Should he attract the wider audience he has deserved for a while now, Lepien has a cinch to a wedding reception first dance with his latest offering and a fine introduction for newbies before they discover his rowdier side." -Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express

 Breaking and Entering MKE on "For You I Can" Single. July 2022.
"True to core country values, Dan Lepien returned with a new single, “For You I Can.” The solemn-sounding track is rooted in taking pride for hard work and being humble. Lepien sings about his parents’ influence on his life, and that he can channel that into loving his significant other. He also sings about what makes him a man, and values to stand up on. The production is top-notch here, with crisp vocals and an earnest delivery. While there aren’t many original country acts making waves locally, Dan Lepien is looking to change that." -Breaking and Entering MKE

Shepherd Express on "A Country Mile" EP. August 2021.

The cowboy hatted Milwaukee singer effectively evokes much of the best of the 1970s-‘90s. A Country Mile offers a half-dozen dips into deeply twangy pedal steel guitar and sympathetically sawing fiddle, setting off Lepien's amiable vocals. He delivers what could well be described as a Midwestern drawl. Lepien comes off as a loyal, industrious salt of the earth everyman with a soft spot for sinking a baited hook into some water to see what fish bite. 

A Country Mile establishes Lepien as a go-to guy for country lovers who fondly recall the heydays of Tracy Byrd and Mark Chesnutt but leavened with a bit of Roger Miller and Brad Paisley’s wit. Listeners who appreciate newer artists with older fashioned grit about them, like Jon Pardi and Jordan Davis, should also make room for Lepien on their playlists. Until he ponies up more of his wholesome goodness into a lengthier package, A Country Mile goes a long way toward establishing Lepien as a talent deserving wider recognition. -Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Piet Leavy's Top 11 Shows to see at the 2021 Wisconsin State Fair. July 2021.
"Chris Young's headlining the Main Stage on Aug. 6, and no doubt he'll put on a slick country rock show. But I implore Young fans to check out the Sauk City-born Lepien. He doesn't make the kind of glossy, lightweight songs in heavy rotation on country radio, but they've got a lot more heart and wit than a fair amount of songs coming out of Music Row these days. Aug. 6 will also double as the release show for Lepien's new album "A Country Mile." And if you can't see him on the 6th (or want to see him again) he'll also play the fair on Aug 9, 11, and 12." -Piet Leavy's 11 top shows to see at the 2021 Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

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